Have you ever:
Wondered if it's this hard for everybody?
Hid in a cupboard during a house inspection because you couldn't face being seen by a stranger that day?
Had years where you saw more of your therapist than your friends?
Wished you'd lived in a time when it was easier to disappear and assume someone else's identity?
Wasted your potential?
Dressed like shit?
Been fuck ugly?

This site might be for you!

It's mostly just a way for me to learn html, but I'm also in the process of adding some of my art (check out my new art gallery!) and writing. Check out my top surgery to see what was going on in my head in the final months leading up to top surgery. I've also gotten into making my own gifs and backgrounds as well as wayback spelunking for rare backgrounds while I've been developing my site, so I miiiight add a graphics page soon.